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MG TD, 1950

Engine: Four cilinder engine

MG TD by Zeppelin Garage, year 1952. Chassis number TD9240, engine number XPAG9696. Colour silver metallic combined with a dark red leather interior and black carpet. Black mohair hood and hood cover. This wonderful MG TD is a very special example made by Auto Verkaufs GMBH – Zeppelin Garage in Stuttgart, Germany. Only 25 examples were built, and five cars are known to still exist. (Known per November 7, 2013: TD8872, TD8873, TD8874, TD9238 and this car number TD9240). The rolling MG TD chassis were delivered by MG complete with a crate filled with chrome body trim. The body panels were custom fabricated, and the cars were constructed by Zeppelin Garage. Most of these ‘Zeppelin’ MG TD cars were sold to American soldiers (GI) serving the US 1st division and shipped to the USA when the soldiers returned home. This wonderful example was extensively restored and overhauled in the Netherlands according to the original specifications. The ‘body off’ restoration started in 1998. Then the car became part of a Dutch car collection. This rare MG TD is in an excellent top condition and the car drives perfectly. The ‘Zeppelin’ built MG TD’s can be distinguished by the louvers in the side panels of the bonnet, the rear wings which have a slightly different shape and ridge, and the interior which features different door panels and different dashboard trim. Under the bonnet one can distinguish the ‘Zepplin’ cars by differently shaped bulkhead.

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Year 1950
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