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Altena Classic Service

Rally service

The preparation of historic rally cars becomes an increasing part of our workload. Lovely work that we perform with enthusiasm since we can draw from our 30 years of rally experience. Experience gained not only by preparing cars, but also (and mainly) by driving rally’s ourselves.

All our constructions have been tested: from roll cages, sump protection and special fuel tanks to fully customized new electrical systems. Our participation in all major international rally races, whether driven with high speeds or organized for classic competitions such as the Tulip Rally and the Winter Trial, has paid itself off in experience.

Support during the Rally

Offering technical support during events such as the Amsterdam-Beijing Rally, Himalaya Trial, Carrera Copacabana, Mille Miglia, Gran Premio Nuvolari and the yearly Winter Trial is also an important part of our work. During global routes in which men and machines are literally being driven to the limit. Nothing is left to chance during the preparation of the rally car. All safety and reliability matters are being discussed and applied in close consultation with the equip. Preparation works do not only remain to English cars. Brands as Alfa Romeo, Datsun, Mercedes, Porsche and Volvo are also very popular among drivers. The professionals of Altena Rally Service also have the expertise to prepare rally cars of these brands, of course entirely according FIA regulations.

Current offerings of Classic Rally Cars: Click here for the current offerings of classic rally cars.

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