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7784 DK ,Gramsbergen (Ane, NL)
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Altena Classic Service


On average, about 30 classic cars of excellent quality are being displayed in a fitting cozy atmosphere. Our sales team has build up a lot of experience during the last decades, and has more than enough knowledge about the (inter)national market to provide you with proper advice. We take as much time as is necessary to answer all your questions. Long opening hours on six days a week give you ample opportunity to orientate yourself, and to make an informed choice. Of course, visits on other days or times are possible on appointment.

We find it important to give you honest and professional advice, and to make clear agreements. And our service doesn’t stop after the delivery of a car: we want to expand our network and are therefore happy to invest in our after sales. For our foreign clients it is useful to know that you do not only have choice in the export formalities, but also in other matters, such as transportation. For example, in case a car needs to be transported to Germany, we can make sure the car meets the Tüv standards and the “Abnahme”.


Shipping information:

Although we encourage an in-person pre-sale inspection and delivery, Altena Classic Service will assist with shipping worldwide. We are able to provide insured domestic road transportation or air freight quotes for international shipping. Please contact us to discuss shipping the car of your choice to your location.



Measures regarding the coronavirus:

  .   With the quick spread of corona virus we are still open as usual times. With extra safety for ourselfs and customers ( following the guidelines of the dutch RiVM ) We are happy with our suppliers and how they are dealing with the currant situation . The safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers is top priority for Altena Classic Service   .  

Team Altena Classic Service & ACS Engineering

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