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Volvo PV544 Rally, 1965

Engine: Four cilinder engine

Volvo PV544 rally car, year 1965. Chassis number 42945X, engine number 1840X. Colour crème with a fully prepared rally interior with beige leather seats. This Volvo was fully and professionally restored, and rally prepared in the years 2005/2006. This Volvo PV 544 was rally prepared to perfection (reliability, safety, performance and comfort!) Over the last 14 years the car was entered for many historic rally events and extensively serviced afterwards. The service was done by Altena Classic and Rally Service. The car is in very good condition with obvious traces of use. This Volvo rally car is fully loaded with all the rally equipment one may need. A special wiring loom, an automatic fire extinguishing system, a special safety petrol tank (‘fuel cell’), a roll cage, additional spot-, fog and back-up lamps all round, car stereo, wide steel wheels, navigation equipment, 4-point safety harnesses, etcetera. This rugged rally car is ready for any new adventure!

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Year 1965
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