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Porsche911 2.4 S Rally, 1969

Porsche 911 2.4 S Rally
Engine:Six cylinder boxer engine
Cylinder capacity:2341 cc.

The Porsche 911 is the successor of the Porsche 356.
The first Porsche 911 was presented at the Frankfurter car show in the year 1963; the car was named 901…
In the year 1964 the name 901 was changed into 911 because the French automobile manufacturer Peugeot possesses the rights on numbers with the “0” in the middle for use in car names.
As often happens introducing successors for beloved car models the 901/911 did not receive a very warm welcome from the Porsche customers. The Porsche 356 drivers made clear the new model did not fit the Porsche image. They claimed the car was too big, too powerful and too luxurious… how history has proven the critics wrong…
Ferdinand Porsche and his son Ferry (also known as Butzi) created a true evergreen. What they did not know at that time was that the first fundamental design changes where carried out designing the 911/993 model which was introduced in the year 1993…
The Porsche 911 was designed and constructed with a unitary bodywork structure in which the engine is located at the rear end of the car. The six cylinder engine is of the flat boxer type and it is air-cooled. The 911 was fitted with independent suspension at the front and the rear, and a five speed gearbox with floor shift, from start of the production.

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Porsche 911 2.4 S rally car, year 1969. Chassisnumber 9110300090. This most searched S-type is professionally prepared, in perfect condition and ready for coming season.

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Year 1969
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