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Datsun240 Z, 1971

Datsun 240Z
Engine:6 cylinder in-line engine
Cylinder capacity:2393 cc.

The Datsun 240Z was presented in the year 1969. In Japan the car was sold under the name Fairlady Z. The beautiful lines were drawn by Graf Albrecht Goerz who was also responsible for the magnificent design of the BMW 507. With the Datsun 240Z the factory hit bulls eye, the car became the best sold sports car in the seventies of the twentieth century. The British sports car builders like MG and Triumph did not see the ‘bomb’ falling… They were blown away from the important US market by the successful 240Z. The Datsun 240Z was build with a unitary bodywork structure, independent suspension all round, and powered by a smooth and powerful six cylinder in-line engine. The 240Z proved to be very robust and capable and it was successful in the rally competition In 1973 the 240Z was succeeded by the 260Z which was given a 2.6 Litre engine.
Sales information:
Datsun 240 Z Sport rally car, year 1971. Colour orange/black bonnet with a black rally interior. This beautiful and impressive 240 Z Sport was extensively prepared by the rally department of Altena Classic Service in the year 2009. The car was optimized and perfected in every detail. The suspension was up rated, the mechanics, the electrical circuit and the interior. Since 2010 the owner has driven several historic rallies without any problem!
All these years the car was serviced and maintained in our rally workshop; this Datsun 240 Z is in excellent condition. We know this very reliable car inside and out. Are you looking to purchase a spot-on maintained and thoroughly proven historic rally car? Please inquire or visit us to learn more about this fantastic Datsun 240 Z!

Our price Sold
Year 1971
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