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Citroen ID 19 Convertible, 1968

Engine: Four cilinder engine

Citroën ID19 B Cabriolet, year 1968. Chassis (VIN) number 3795707, engine number 0551000071.

Colour green (Vert Olive, Citroën code AC510), combined with a dark brown leather interior, dark brown carpet, and a dark brown mohair hood. A factory convertible was offered by Citroën from summer 1960 until summer 1971. The Décapotable Cabriolet d’Usine (factory convertible) were built by the French bodywork firm (Henri) Chapron, for the Citroën dealer network. It was an expensive car and only 1,365 were produced. Original ID/DS convertible cars are very rare, so many Berlines are converted to cabriolets to meet the enormous market demand. This gorgeous ID19 B Cabriolet is such a conversion created by the renowned Dutch firm Citro Classique. The original ID19 B Berline was sold new in France, and the automobile was converted and restored in the years 2015-2018. The ID19 bodywork was converted and strengthened to original Chapron specifications, and everything was restored, overhauled, and renewed to reach perfection. This gorgeous automobile is in a superb top condition! The bodywork shows a perfect panel fit, fantastic paint, and all the factory convertible details. Everything is brand new; costs nor effort were spared. The car is fitted with original specification Michelin tyres, additional Marchal spot lamps, a centre arm rest, wonderful head rests and a Becker Europa radio. This fine example incorporates all the attractive Citroën ID/DS hallmarks like the superb road holding capabilities, incomparable quality of comfort and ride, the superb brake system that keeps the car on a horizontal level under braking… All this thanks to the magnificent Citroën hydro-pneumatic suspension system which was introduced on the Citroën ID/DS cars. This example features a 4-speed manually operated gearbox with steering column shifter. The 2100 cc four-cylinder engine is a powerful unit which runs beautifully and drives the front wheels. This wonderfully restored Citroën ID19B cabriolet is finished in an original 1960s Citroën colour scheme which adds to the overall classic driving experience. The boot is large enough to hold travel luggage for four people if you are dreaming to embark on a trans-European hotel tour…

This ID19B cabriolet is a real head turner, and a fantastic classic car to own and enjoy with your spouse and or with friends!

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Year 1968
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