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Bentley Speed 8, 1948

Engine: 8 Cilinder engine

Bentley Speed 8 Special, year (chassis) 1948. Chassis number B486CF, engine number Nr B81 B244RG. Colour dark British Racing Green (20% matt) combined with a brown natural leather interior and brown wool carpet to match. Black mohair hood, tonneau cover, and hood-cover. This magnificent Bentley Speed 8 Special was restored and built by the renowned firm of Racing Green Engineering in Wales (UK). The automobile was completed in the year 2022. This fine Bentley Speed 8 Special was built on a 1948 Bentley Mk 6 chassis which was restored to brand new condition. The bodywork and the interior were handcrafted to the highest standards by the skilled craftsmen of Racing Green Engineering. The chassis was fitted with a large 6500 cc 8 cylinder-in-line Bentley B80 engine with dry sump lubrication, four S.U. carburettors and a fully synchronized 4-speed manually operated gearbox. This Bentley has known one careful owner who has driven only 2700 kilometres with this impressive automobile. The Bentley was supplied to the current owner by Altena Classic Service, the car is still in a superb and like new condition! There is a long waiting list for newly restored/ built Bentley specials at Racing Green Engineering; this is a wonderful opportunity to acquire a TOP example now. This Bentley features a dry sump engine, Blockley tyres, double ‘Klaxon’ horns, two petrol tanks, storage boxes on the sides containing a compressor, rear light housings in body colour, shifter outside the bodywork, special air-filters, and a LED lamp under the bonnet.

This tremendous Bentley special with a 4-seat tourer bodywork in the style of the winning Le Mans racing cars was built to the highest quality standards. The Bentley automobiles built by racing Green Engineering are renowned for their superb quality of build and finish, and for their ease of operation. Altena Classic Service is an official Racing Green Engineering (Service) partner / dealer, we offer advice and service to enjoy your exclusive Bentley to the fullest. This Bentley can be imported to any country, and it comes with a complete history file. This is a mighty Bentley Speed 8 special, ready to be enjoyed to the fullest!

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Year 1948
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