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Bentley 3/8 Racer, 1952

Engine: 8 Cilinder engine

Bentley Special 3/8 Racer, year chassis 1952. This impressive Bentley Special was hand built by Racing Green Engineering of South Wales U.K. and completed in late 2020. Colour blue with creme white accents, and black wire wheels. Interior trimmed with patinated pale brown leather, and black mohair weather equipment. The paint was given an artificial patina which looks stunning! This gorgeous Bentley Special 3/8 Racer is based on 1952 Bentley Mk VI chassis with number B44PV. The chassis was fully restored and strengthened to take the also fully rebuilt Bentley 6.5 Litre straight-eight engine and the four-speed (fully synchronised) manual Bentley gearbox. The bodywork is a masterpiece of craftmanship. The design was inspired by the lines and details of vintage racing cars and masterly made by the craftsmen of Racing Green Engineering. The built and finish of this machine are of the finest quality you will find in the vintage car industry. This Bentley is in a fantastic condition, the car has driven only 15.000 kilometres since it was completed. The driving experience impresses all your senses; the big eight cylinder in-line engine has masses of torque, and the exhaust note shakes all you bones! The elevated view around, and the view over the mighty bonnet and front wings makes one feel like a fighter plane pilot on the road. This Racing Green Engineering Bentley Special drives, shifts, brakes, and handles extremely well and easily for such a big, heavy, and powerful machine. The car is fitted with splendid 7.00-19-inch Dunlop Racing tyres. The automobile also incorporates some practical features; the interior offers plenty of room for driver and co-driver, and a large boot which can be accessed from behind the seats. The Bentley has given the first owner many lasting memories on wonderful international historic touring rally events. This superbly built and very reliable Bentley Special was serviced and maintained by Racing Green Engineering dealer Altena Classic Service. The car is registered in the Netherlands and can be exported to any country. A magnificent powerhouse!

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Year 1952
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