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Altena Classic Service

The Trans-America Rally 2015

Trans-America Rally – our 4 cars finish the Rally! Proudly we can let you know that all 4 by us prepared cars have finished the 2nd Trans-America Rally without any mayor issues! The equip Mick and Grace with their Pagode has finished 9th place overall!

They thank us on their website: “Many thanks to the team of Altena Classic cars who build such a great car from scratch with a special thanks to Rick Kelder who did most of the initial work on the car. There is some more work to do before Peking to Paris 2016 but the car is strong, fast and light. Altena can be proud because Altena prepared all four Dutch cars and all four came through without a serious problem!”


Measures regarding the coronavirus:

  .   With the quick spread of corona virus we are still open as usual times. With extra safety for ourselfs and customers ( following the guidelines of the dutch RiVM ) We are happy with our suppliers and how they are dealing with the currant situation . The safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers is top priority for Altena Classic Service   .  

Team Altena Classic Service & ACS Engineering

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