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WolseleyHornet Special Special, 1933

Wolseley Hornet Special Special
Engine:6-cylinder in-line engine
Cylinder capacity:1271 cc.
Gearbox:4-speed manual

An English sports car in its purest form, with an unprecedented lovely patina! Miss Taylor bought this Hornet Special in England in 1933. However, in 1934, the car went back to the Wolseley factory to get adjusted for rallies. Among others, a wonderful oil cooler has been mounted, the engine has been foreseen with pistons to increase the compression, and an automatic oil sump filler has been mounted. Subsequently, this sportive Wolseley participated successfully in several rallies and races between 1934 and 1941. The car did not arrive in the Netherlands until years later. The first Dutch owner possessed this wonderful car for 18 years, and its second Dutch owner possessed the car for about 10 years. Both owners were true fans who knew how to value a rare car as this Worseley! Back then, only 2307 cars of this type were produced. This Hornet Special has previously been extensively restored for three years, but it is currently still in a sublime state!

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Year 1933
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