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VolvoP1800 Jensen, 1962

Engine: Four cilinder engine

Volvo P1800 ‘Jensen’, year 1962. Chassis number P18395VA428X, engine number B181X. Colour red combined with a beige cloth/ vinyl interior and pale grey carpet. This is a rare and sought-after Volvo P1800 of which the bodywork was built by Jensen in Great Britain, only 6000 of these early P1800s have been built. The early P1800 cars feature the remarkable ‘cow-horn’ front bumpers. This very stylish automobile shows wonderful details all round; the gorgeous chrome strips over the sides, the tailfins, the fantastic dashboard and the great original hubcaps. The four cylinder in-line engine powers the rear wheels through a four speed manually operated gearbox with overdrive. This Volvo P1800 ‘Jensen’ is largely original and refurbished in the past. The car was given new paint and the carpet was renewed. The engine was overhauled, a comprehensive invoice of the rebuild is present. This car is in very good condition with slight traces of use and age, especially to the chrome bumpers. This very nice and very rare Volvo P1800 ‘Jensen’ comes complete with an original sales brochure. This car can be imported to / exported to any country in the world.

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Year 1962
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