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TriumphTR3 A, 1958

Engine: Four cilinder engine

Triumph TR 3A, year 1958. Chassis number TS-22044-L, engine number TS/22492-E, body number 978051. A Heritage Certificate is present. Colour British Racing Green combined with a beige (tan) leather interior trimmed with dark green piping and beige carpet. Beige mohair soft top, side-screens, tonneau cover and hood cover all in beautiful clean condition. This fantastic Triumph TR 3A was sold new in the USA. The car was imported from Washington to the Netherlands in 1998. In the year 2000 the car was ‘body off’ restored to top condition. A photo report of the restoration is present. The bodywork shows a perfect panel fit, and the car feels solid. The restoration was a thorough job, and the car was very well serviced and cherished ever since. This TR 3A is in an excellent condition with only slight traces of previous use to be found. The car is factory fitted with overdrive! Furthermore, the car features silver painted wire wheels shod with Michelin 165/15 tyres, a MotoLita sports steering wheel with a wood rim, a chrome baggage rack, and a badge bar at the front with several badges and Lucas SLR576 spot lamps fitted. This gorgeous Triumph TR 3A offers a fantastic classic open top driving experience, and it is ready for any adventure in the hands of a new enthusiast owner.

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Year 1958
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