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Talbot LagoT120 DHC, 1934

Talbot Lago T120 DHC
EngineSix cylinder engine (OHV)
Displacement:2996 cc.

Talbot Lago T120 Drophead Coupe (DHC) by Figoni, year 1934. Colour two-tone red bodywork and dark red wings. Black canvas convertible top (hood). This marvelous Talbot Lago T120 DHC was imported to the Netherlands in the year 2003. This rare automobile is in very good condition and the car shows off fantastic original details. The paintwork shows some imperfections. Small signs of use and age can be found. The eye-catching Drophead Coupe bodywork was designed and built by Figoni in Suresnes, France. In the second half of 1935 Figoni merged with the firm of Ovidio Falaschi. This firm was named Figoni & Falaschi ever since. This fine Talbot Lago T120 sports a three Litre six cylinder engine with overhead valves. The gearbox is a delightful Wilson ‘pre-selector’ with four speeds. This Talbot Lago T120 DHC is a very rare and beautiful automobile. A sound investment and a great convertible to enjoy with a party of 4 persons on beautiful days in the country side or at a Concours d’elegance.The Talbot Lago is a very gracious, luxurious and powerful prewar automobile. The Talbot Lago is part of the same league as the likes of Delage, Delahaye and Bugatti.

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Year 1934
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