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StutzSeries K DH Open Tourer, 1921

Stutz Series K DH Open Tourer
Engine:8-cylinder in line

The Stutz Motor Company was founded in 1911 by Harry Clayton Stutz and existed till 1935. To build a name for his new cars Stutz entered a car in the 1911 500 Miles of Indianapolis. This car, which came directly out of production and without any modifications  ended this race as 11th, earning it the slogan ”the car that made good in a day” . Throughout its history, Stutz was known as a producer of fast cars (America’s first sports car) and luxury cars for the rich and famous, comparable with Cadillac, Packard or Pierce-Arrow.
The most famous model of Stutz was the Stutz Bearcat, a high performance  roadstar featuring a 4 cylinder T-head engine with 4 valves per cylinder, one of the earliest multi-cylinder engines. In 1928 the French coachbuilder Weyman entered a Stutz in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This car, in de hands of Robert Bloch and Edouard Brisson was leading the race till 90 minutes before the flag, when it lost top gear and became second, after Bentley. One other famous model was the Stutz DV32 which appeared in 1931. This model was propelled by a 8-cylinder in line with 4 valves per cylinder with double overhead camshafts.

Sales information:
This Stutz K DH is restored around 1980 in Sweden and was hardly used since. It is from 1921 and equipped with a 4 cylinder engine of 361 cubic inches ( 5,9 ltr), 4 valves per cylinder, a double ignition system and a transaxle system (gearbox together with differential build in rear axle). It has 80 hp at 2400 rev/min. and 3 gears forward. “DH” in the type means “Detachable Head”, as this was the first model with a detachable cylinder head. It was also the last model with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. It’s running excellent, pulls strongly and just completed the Peak of the Atlas, a 2500 km tour in Morocco without any problems; an important improvement during this tour was the replacement of the original pressed steel brake drums with cast iron ones. It was also the winner of The  100 Miles of Amsterdam rally in 2012 and completed several rallies/tours without problems. The engine is feed by a pressure fuel system with a Stromberg carburetor and the car has mechanical rear wheel brakes. Since August 2011 it has run for approx. 6500 miles without trouble whatsoever. This car is completely original and runs and drives excellent. It will not be easy to find another one of this model in Europe !
•    Radiator, wiring, differential, gears in gearbox, universal joint drive shaft, cast iron brake drums, 6 volt electric fuel pump (original pressure system also on the car),extra lightning in front .

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Year 1921
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