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SingerNine, 1933

engine4 cylinder in-line
carburettors:2 x Zenith/Solex
cylinder capacity:972 cc.
capacity:35 bhp. at 4500 rpm.
top-speed: approx.100 km/h.
gearbox:4 speed, manual
brakes:hydraulic, drum brakes all round

Singer Nine Sports, year 1933. Chassis number 49516. Colour red with a black interior and a black canvas hood. This beautiful and rare Singer Sports is in very good condition and the car shows off many fantastic original details. This singer Nine Sports features a four seater tourer body with beautiful flowing lines. The four cylinder engine with overhead camshaft is a little jewel which was very much appreciated by the sporty few in the 1930ies. The Sports model sports a lowered chassis and twin carburettors. In the 1930ies the Singer Nine Sports already featured a four speed gearbox with ‘remote’ gearchange on the floor like we are used to today, and hydraulic brakes. This is a delightful vintage automobile and a great proposition to enter in pre-war (rally) events.

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Year 1933
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