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FordAA Pick Up Truck, 1929

Engine: Four cilinder engine

Ford model AA 1.5 Ton Truck, year 1929. Chassis number 4286211. Colour blue combined with black. This Ford Model AA truck was imported from New York (USA) to the Netherlands, by Altena Classic Service, in the year 2014. The car was used as a publicity and service truck in (prewar) car events. The truck has done its duties for our company and is now for sale. This Ford Model AA 1.5-ton Truck is a true eye-catcher, and it has a great fun-factor driving it. The car participated in the ‘100 Miles of Amsterdam’ a few years ago in wintry conditions! The truck runs and drives very well, the engine was fully overhauled in the USA by a Ford specialist, and more recent the brakes were and the starter motor were rebuilt, the radiator was repaired, and the car was fitted with an AC generator (Alternator). The car is registered in the Netherlands. This Ford Model AA truck is a great find for the enthusiast or for any firm needing an eye-catcher for publicity purposes.

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Year 1929
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