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Datsun 240Z Rally, 1971

Datsun 240Z Rally, 1971
Engine: Six cilinder in line

Datsun 240Z, year 1971. Chassis number HLS30-21087, engine number L28 013353. Colour orange with a black bonnet combined with a black leatherette interior. This fantastic Datsun 240Z was sold new in the USA. The car was imported to the Netherlands in the year 2008. In the year 2009 the owner commissioned Altena Classic Service for the extensive restoration, overhaul and rally preparation of the 240Z. Everything was overhauled and or renewed. The car was perfected in detail for rally driving with an uprated suspension, a special wiring loom, Koni shocks and springs all round, a 5-speed gearbox, a large aluminium petrol tank, a professional roll-bar, Recaro seats, 4-point Sparco safety harnesses, additional spot- and cornering lights at the front and other special rally accessories. A photo report and invoices of the restoration and the rally preparation are present. Now, ten years after the restoration the Datsun 240Z is still in very good condition. The automobile was serviced punctually and the car drives and sounds perfectly! The driving experience is exhilarating, and it must be a sheer pleasure to participate in historic rally events with this Datsun 240Z! The car comes complete with a FIVA identity card and it can be exported to any country around the globe. This magnificent Datsun 240Z is ready for any adventure in the hands of a new owner!

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Year 1971
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