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BMW 2002 Rally, 1969

Engine: Four cilinder engine

BMW 2002 (E10) rally car, year 1969. Chassis (VIN) number 164100X, engine number 336008X. colour Chamonix white combined with a dark blue / black rally interior. This fantastic BMW 2002 comes from the first and most sought after E10 series featuring the slim chrome bumpers, the fluted dashboard knobs and the round lamps at the front and the back. This 2002 is fitted with a factory original sliding sunshine roof! This BMW 2002 was extensively prepared for competitive and harsh historic rally driving conditions. The car has participated in many rallies as can be seen by the trophy decals on the side window! The car was extensively serviced after every rally. The automobile is in very good condition and the bodywork is very sound!

A brief listing of the upgrades and rally options:

Roll cage, reinforced front struts, strut brace transverse reinforcement at the front and at the rear, thicker stabilizer bar at the front, a modified rear partition in the trunk to accommodate two spare wheels above the rear wheels, two fuel tanks, two fuel, pumps, two fuel filters, Intrax shock absorbers around, disc brakes with 4-piston brake callipers at the front, limited slip differential, custom built Stainless Steel exhaust, sump protector plate, high capacity radiator, auxiliary driving lamps at the front, special sports seats with headrests, 4-point safety harnesses, additional and very reliable gauges, electric cooling fan and a Tripmeter. The engine was also up rated and fitted with a ‘faster’ Schrick camshaft, a free flow exhaust manifold, two twin choke carburettors, steel cylinder head bolts ad nuts and an internally polished intake manifold. The gearbox is a 5-speed dog-leg sports unit.

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Year 1969
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