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BentleyDerby Special 3.5 litre, 1934

Bentley Derby Special 3.5 litre
Engine:Six cylinder in line engine, 3500 cc
Gearbox4 speed gearbox with overdrive

A Bentley such as this is very rare and not often offered for sale. Built by one of the leading Derby Bentley specialists in the UK, the car has a beautifully contoured aluminum body and has the right proportions to express the sporty and chic side of this famous brand. The powerful 3.5 -liter six – cylinder engine delivers¬† a massive torque and is together with the smooth-shifting four -speed (plus overdrive ) and good brakes, making one of the finest driving Bentley ‘s. It is really a thrill!¬† The wheelbase is exactly right, which makes driving this two-seater not only comfortable, but it also creates space for a very large luggage compartment .

Please note also the beautiful chrome detailing , for example, or the exhaust system which not only pleases the eye, but also your ears with a great sound that comes out here. Totally awesome ! This Bentley Special offers for the true fan more than any other pre- war can give.

Our price Sold
Year 1934
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