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Austin Healey100/4, 1955

EngineSix cylinder engine
Cylinder capacity:2660 cc.
Capacity:90 bhp.
Top-speed:approx. 110 mph
Gearbox:3-speed manual
Weight:940 kg.

This beautiful Austin Healey has been fully restored in the years 2008/2009 in the Netherlands.

The first one will always be the “original”. If we talk about a book, a film or for sure if we are talking about a classic car like this 100/4 BN1. It is strange that the 4 cylinder has been undervalued for such a long time.  Time are changing rapidly. People have seen the “light”, the original model is wanted again! The great Gerry Coker design is going “sky-high” at the moment. The train goes fast, step in, it might be your last chance!

Our price Sold
Year 1955
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