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AlvisSpeed 25 Special, 1937

Engine: Six cilinder engine

Alvis Speed 25 Brooklands Special, year 1937. Chassis number 1334X, engine number. SB256X. Colour pale green combined with black wire wheels and a tan leather interior. This fine special was based on a chassis which was sold new, with a Charlesworth saloon bodywork, to Glasgow on October 31, 1936. The first registration was in 1937. Three decades later the car was shipped to British Columbia in Canada. In 2014, this magnificent Alvis Special was built to exceedingly high standards by a specialist firm in Vancouver. All the original components and parts, coming from the saloon car, were meticulously restored and overhauled. This includes the chassis, suspension, all the mechanical components, grille, bonnet, seats, dashboard, and gauges etcetera. A special body was hand crafted over an ash frame. Cycle wing type mudguards and a special exhaust with Brooklands silencer were custom build. This fantastic Alvis was completed in the year 2016. The Alvis Speed 25 was one of the best engineered and constructed automobiles of the 1930s. Alvis was renowned for their superb engineering, one of the hallmarks was the advanced fully synchronized 4-speed gearbox which can be fully enjoyed in this Speed 25. The powerful 3.5 Litre straight six engine is a beauty and its sound-track is magnificent! The engine power is 106 bhp at 3500 rpm, the cruising speed is 120 km/h and the top speed is just above 150 km/h. The car features a 12 Volt gel cell battery, servo assisted drum brakes around, and wire wheels are shod with Blockley tyres. This is a wonderfully built Alvis Speed 25 special of superb quality!


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Year 1937
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