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AlvisSpeed 20 Special, 1935

Engine: Six cilinder engine

Alvis Speed 20 Special, year 1935. Chassis (VIN) number 1206X, engine number 1489X. Colour red combined with black wire wheels, red leather seats, and grey carpet. Black soft-top and tonneau cover. This magnificent Alvis Speed 20 was sold new in the United Kingdom. In the past, the Alvis Speed 20 was fitted with a wonderful ‘boat-tail’ body and an Alvis Speed 25 powertrain. This perfectly executed ‘special’ conversion was done in the UK. The Speed 25 engine is a powerful 3.5 Litre straight six engine, fitted with three S.U. carburettors. The Speed 25 gearbox is a fully synchronised 4-speed unit, which makes this Alvis special a delight to drive and to operate. The wire wheels are shod with 4.75/5.00 16-inch Blockley tyres. The automobile is in a very good condition with traces of use and age, a wonderful vintage patina! This Alvis Speed 20 special is well known in Dutch historic rally circles, the car has participated in many events. The automobile has an EU registration, and the car can be imported to any country. This impressive Alvis special is ready for any adventure in the hands of a proud new owner!

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Year 1935
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