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Alvis Silver Eagle Special, 1935

Engine: Six cilinder engine

Alvis Silver Eagle Special, year 1935. Exterior colour dark blue, interior with red leather seats. This magnificent Alvis Special was built on a sturdy Alvis “Silver Eagle” chassis by Sherwood Restorations of Nottingham, England in the 1970s. The entire powertrain (engine, gearbox, cardan shaft, and rear axle) comes from an Alvis Speed 25. The build took five years to be completed. The result is a magnificent special with the correct pre-war look and feel and a powerful and impressive appearance. This Alvis Silver Eagle Special is in a very good to excellent condition, and the car drives and handles perfectly. This Alvis Special has been under maintenance by Altena Classic Service for many years. This is a unique opportunity to acquire one of the most stunning Alvis Specials!

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Year 1935
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