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JaguarXK 140 Roadster, 1954

Engine:Six cilinder in line

Jaguar XK 140 S OTS, year 1954. Colour black. Red leather interior trimmed with black piping. Red carpet and a black soft-top. This beautiful Jaguar and rare XK 140 S is an early specimen; build number 185. A Heritage certificate is present, the automobile has ‘matching numbers’. Chassis number: SW8101XX, engine number: G 1291 X S, body number: F 101XX. THIS car is an original and very early S (Special Equipment) model as you can conclude from the chassis number and the suffix S in the engine number. The Jaguar was sold new in the USA on 28 February 1954. From the year 1993 the automobile is road registered in the Netherlands. This Jaguar Open Two Seater (OTS), also named roadster, is in good and very original condition! The car shows off a beautiful classic patina and the leather interior is beautifully original! This RARE factory original XK 140 S OTS is a true driver car which one can enjoy to the fullest!

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Year 1954


The Trails Of Afrika

The Trials of Afrika   A rally especially for pre-war cars through southern Africa. We drive the most beautiful roads of the West Cape; some truly great mountain passes before arriving in the lush and famous wine regions. Driving north into Namibia the scenery gets more barren and finally it gets spectacular, just another world. We leave our cars in Walvis Bay and fly to Botswana for some days of safari. The finish is at the Royal Livingstone Hotel overlooking the Victoria Falls. Click here [link:] for more information.  
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